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HR goes way beyond employee benefits, hiring and firing. You’ve got to stay compliant with state and federal laws, maintain employee job descriptions, create up-to-date employee handbooks as well as make sure everyone is properly trained.

Simply put, HR and compliance is complicated—but it doesn’t have to be. Through our partnership with Mineral, you’ll be able to build a solid HR foundation for your company, stay compliant and tackle little workplace issues before they ever become big ones.

The Mineral platform has everything you need to keep your organization on track:

Don’t underestimate the benefits of well executed Human Resources. 

Smart Employee Handbook Plus

All the power of the Smart Employee Handbook, plus the enhanced ability to create a multi-state compliant handbook with select local policies, capture e-signatures and apply. fill out a short questionnaire to easily generate a federal and multi-state compliant handbook available for immediate download. Should laws and regulations change, we will send a notification and automatically update applicable policies in the handbook.

Employee Health & Safety

Create a safe workplace and comply with safety regulations, while increasing your overall organizational health.

Guided HR Compliance

Manage complex challenges with confidence. A dedicated HR expert will help you create a strong HR and compliance foundation and move toward strategic HR with our most popular Mineral solutions.

Anonymous Reporting

Empower your employees to anonymously report workplace concerns before they become larger issues—or a liability risk. This best practices solution helps you manage and take action on reported incidents in a secure and timely manner.

Workplace Safety

Reduce potential hazards, accidents and liability while creating a culture of safety among your employees. Course work includes best practices on everything from personal protective equipment and ladder safety to hazardous materials, transportation and more.

Workplace Harassment Prevention

Take proactive steps against workplace harassment with this complete catalog of awareness training. Each course includes interactive state-mandated topics to ensure compliance as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training to help you build a strong, inclusive culture.

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