You may be ready to delve into what features are out there so that you choose the right app for your purposes.

Features can include automatic GPS and timestamp, so you know where your employees are and when. Here are some more details:

  • Efficiently group employees into crews and clock them in or out with one click.
  • Move workers to a new project all at once.
  • Track time against jobs, equipment and departments. Employees simply clock in with a four-digit PIN.
  • Use texting to clock in, out, switch job codes and even add notes.
  • Use Twitter to share timesheet information.
  • Allow employees to call in their timesheet using a landline if necessary.
  • Track time and location, while allowing employees to add notes to timesheets.
  • By using simple tools that most everyone has access to, small businesses like yours are able to get rid of paper timesheets and track time accurately. The system works through a cloud-based mobile time clock program that’s accessible to field offices and mobile workers, including GPS location, tracking time and job costs.

The advantages are many.

  • Mobile apps work with iPhones, iPads, Android technology and Windows Mobile, so you probably won’t need a lot of new hardware.
  • A drag-and-drop scheduler means updates can be made easily so mobile employees will know where they’re working and when to show up.
  • You receive real-time reporting from the field so you can track who’s working from your dashboard. And data can be exported into spreadsheets. Printing timesheets for payroll becomes an easier task.
  • With the GPS feature, you know where each time clock punch occurred on a map.
  • Supervisors can track entire crews so that even workers who aren’t carrying smartphones can be accounted for.
  • Say goodbye paper timecards that get dirty and become unreadable.

How does this play with your employees? They don’t have to write down work shifts or job activities at all, and they don’t have to turn in anything on payday. Jobs are tracked while work is actually happening, so no one is forced to remember time and attendance numbers.

Even field notes can be written on mobile devices. Tracking crews while they are working eliminates guesswork. These solutions work well for the rugged outdoors. The software can track up to 1,000 workers, job activities and job sites. Each worker can track his or her own hours, and/or a foreperson can track an entire crew from one device.

What’s the best system for your company? Give us a call and we’ll go over the options available to you to better manage your remote workforce.

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