Minimum Wage Increase for Portland, MaineMinimum Wage 2019

The City of Portland’s minimum wage is on the rise again, making it higher than the state’s minimum wage.  Starting July 1, 2019, employers who operate a business in the City of Portland, Maine will be required to pay a minimum wage of $11.11 per hour to employees who perform work within the municipal limits of the city. This requirement applies to part-time, full-time, temporary, and seasonal workers, with a few exceptions (read below for exceptions). This increase means that employers will once again be required to post a new City of Portland Minimum Wage notice in their workplaces.

In addition, on July 1, 2019, Portland employers must pay a direct wage of at least $5.50 cash per hour to tipped/service employees. If a service employee’s direct wages plus tips don’t equal or exceed the $11.11 per hour minimum wage, the employer is required to make up the difference.

The City of Portland has already released the Minimum Wage notice effective 7/1/19; however, employers should continue to pay the state wage until the new city minimum wage goes into effect.

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Requirements for Employers

The City of Portland has updated the Minimum Wage FAQs with employer requirements related to the upcoming 7/1/19 increase. To see these frequently asked questions (FAQs) or to view more information about Portland’s new minimum wage increase, please click one of the buttons below.


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