Mike Caron

Chief Financial Officer | HR Director

Posted July 30, 2018

Do you now, or have you ever played on an organized sports team?

Soccer, Hockey, Baseball

5K, half marathon, marathon, not my jam?


Night on the town/out for dinner or a quiet night at home with those you love?

Quiet night at home

Favorite movie of all time.

The Godfather


Favorite Season

Outsource Payroll

Are you a parent? Grandparent?

Yes, I have 2 boys – ages 14 and 11

Radio, Live Streaming, Podcast, or CD Player?


When you leave today and start your car/truck, what will be playing on the stereo?


Lake or Ocean?

Coffee or Tea?

Tea/coffee and a good book or popcorn and a movie?


Favorite Quote

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.