Workers Comp Plans

Payroll Management has relationships with five large workers compensation agencies to offer top-rated plans. We can also work with your existing workers comp. insurance carrier to provide you with the same plan benefits. We do not work in competition with existing carriers, we help you strengthen those relationships.  Pay-Per-Use provides you with a comprehensive cash management tool that includes:

  • Lower or no deposits
  • No financing needed
  • Minimal year-end adjustments. You pay based on usage
  • Automatic budgeting via per-pay period billing
  • Billed for actual wages paid
  • Elimination of audit surprises


Employee Benefits of Workers Comp

Workers compensation pays 100 percent of medical costs for injured workers and pays cash benefits for lost work time after a 3- to 7-day waiting period. The program also provides death and funeral benefits to the workers survivors. Lump-sum settlements are permitted under most programs.


Approximately three-fourths of workers compensation cases involve only medical benefits. Cash wage replacement benefits are categorized according to the duration and severity of the worker’s disability.


Source: U.S. Social Security Administration. Annual Statistical Supplement, 2013.

Workers Comp.

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