Payroll Tax Services

A critical component of payroll is complying with the ever-changing IRS tax laws and filing requirements.  Payroll Management assumes responsibility for both the timeliness and accuracy of all tax deposits and filings.  Through a complete payroll tax filing service, we electronically balance our tax accounts on a daily basis to ensure that the appropriate taxing body received your tax deposit in a timely manner.

Reporting and Filing Services

In addition to business management reports, Payroll Management provides specific reports to monitor payroll activities.

  • Deposit Federal withholding, FICA, FUTA, State withholding, SUI and disability taxes
  • Prepare and file 941/940 Federal quarterly returns with the IRS
  • Prepare and file quarterly State and local withholding tax returns
  • Provide and file 1099M forms (employee and employer copies)
  • Prepare all W-2’s and file with the Social Security Administration
  • Generate quarterly and year-end reporting
  • File year-end tax forms, with copies provided to you for your records
  • FICA tip credit
  • Summary reports
  • New employee filing with State
  • Labor distribution report to track employee hours by centers
  • Workers’ compensation pay-as-you-go reporting
Our prices are guaranteed. We meet and exceed state and federal insurance and bonding requirements.

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