Tax Services

Payroll Management tax services make life easier for our clients by handling payroll tax preparation and payments.  Because Payroll Management provides a complete tax filing service, we electronically balance our tax accounts on a daily basis to ensure that the appropriate taxing body received your tax deposit in a timely manner.

A critical component of payroll is complying with the ever changing IRS tax laws and filing requirements.  Payroll Management assumes responsibility for both the timelines and accuracy of all tax deposits and filings, so you never need to worry about it again.

Reporting and Filing Services

In addition to other management reports delivered to you, Payroll Management provides reports you need to monitor payroll activities.

  • Deposit Federal withholding, FICA, FUTA, State withholding, SUI and disability taxes
  • Prepare and file 941/940 Federal quarterly returns with the IRS
  • Prepare and file quarterly State and local withholding tax returns
  • Provide and file 1099M forms (employee and employer copies)
  • Prepare all W-2’s and file with the Social Security Administration
  • Generate quarterly and year end reporting
  • File year-end tax forms, with copies provided to you for your records
  • FICA tip credit
  • Summary reports
  • New employee filing with State
  • Labor distribution report to track employee hours by centers
  • Workers compensation pay as you go reporting
Our prices are guaranteed. We meet and exceed state and federal insurance and bonding requirements.

Tax Resource

Access U.S. State tax forms & filing options, provided by the Federation of Tax Administrators.

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