Management Reports and Services

Payroll Management provides a variety of management reports and services to help organizations manage their business and make informed and thoughtful decisions.

The management reporting services we provide include:

401(k) Report  – A comprehensive 401(k) recap.

401(k) – Digital media provided for your third-party administrator.

Accrual Report – Keeps track of leave time accrual and time taken off and provides a balance for easy reference.

Active Employees Not Paid

Agency Check Listing

Certified Payroll

Check Register

Code Group Listing

Code Listing

Compensation Detail

Direct Deposit Report

Direct Deposit Setup

Employee Change Listing

Employee Labels (5160)

Employee Labels (5162)

Employee Listing – Customize a report by selecting from a variety of categories: current pay, month to date pay, quarter to date or year to date. The report can include hours and/or earnings, deductions, addresses and social security numbers.

Employee Self Service Enrollment

FICA Tip Credit

General Ledger – A report that details payroll expenses, liabilities, gross wages, and taxes withheld. Provided per pay period or monthly.

Input Worksheet

Job Costing Report

Labor Distribution – Lists and summarizes employee earnings by department for the payroll period. This is a convenient reference for job costing and cost center allocations.

Payroll Register

Payroll Summary Report

Personal Earnings Statement

Monthly Earnings – Upon Request, we will provide you with Employee monthly earnings detail by pay period.

Standard Tax Service – Tracks all payroll-related taxes, including 941, 940, UI. This service escrows and pays tax when payment is due and completion of tax returns at quarter and year-end. Payroll Management makes timely and accurate payments for you.

W2 Edit Report

Weekly Accounting Package – Upon Request, we will send duplicate report copies of your General Ledger, Net Pay Register, tax summary and other reports, to your accountant

Workers Compensation Report – Gross wages by employee listed and totaled by job category. Calculates workers compensation premium based on straight time gross wages.

Year to Date Report – Standard list includes gross wages, taxes, overtime, hours and dollars.

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