Payroll & Management Reports

Payroll Management provides a variety of payroll & management reports to help organizations manage their business and make informed and thoughtful decisions. The management reporting services we provide include the following.

Basic Payroll Reports

  • Payroll Register
  • Labor Distribution
  • Payroll Summary Report
  • Personal Earnings Statement
Weekly Accounting Package – Upon Request, we will send duplicate report copies of your General Ledger, Net Pay Register, tax summary and other reports, to your accountant

Payroll Reports

  • 3rd Party Sick Pay
  • Active Employees Not Paid
  • Agency Check Listing
  • Calendar
  • Check Register
  • Code Listing
  • Delivery Detail Report
  • Detail Calendar Setup
  • Direct Deposit Report
  • Direct Deposit Setup Report
  • Employee Deduction Listing
  • FICA Tip Credit, Tip Allocation
  • Goal Status
  • Input Worksheet
  • Invoice
  • MTD QTD YTD Report
  • Payroll Register with YTD
  • State Workers’ Compensation
  • Statement of Account
  • Tip Allocation
  • Tip Sign Off
  • Workers’ Compensation – Gross wages by employee listed and totaled by job category. Calculates workers compensation premium based on straight time gross wages.
  • Year to Date Report – the standard list includes gross wages, taxes, overtime, hours and dollars

Tax Reports

  • FICA Variance
  • Local State Variance
  • Head Count Tax
  • Statement of Filings and Deposits
  • State SUI Report
  • Taxable Wage Report
  • Tax Liability Variance
  • Tax Liability vs. Deposits
  • W2 Edit Report

Human Resources Reports

  • 401k Report
  • Accrual Activity
  • Accrual Balance
  • Accrual History
  • Compensation Detail
  • EEO-1 Employment Data
  • Employee Change Listing
  • Employee Labels
  • Employee Listing
  • Employee Profile
  • New Hire Info
  • Termination Listing

Premium Product Reports

  • Certified Payroll
  • Employee Review
  • Employee Skills
  • GL Journal Entry
  • GL Rules
  • Job Costing Report
  • Multiple Worksite Report
  • Simple GL Export
  • Simple QuickBooks Export

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