Integrated Hiring & Onboarding with Payentry GetHired

Growth, turnover, seasonality, there are many reasons you may be hiring & onboarding employees.  Managing the hiring & onboarding process can be a significant amount of work.  Mistakes may lead to increased costs and further complexities. When hiring and onboarding is directly linked to your payroll system, you can leverage integrated background checks, E-Verify, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening and submission features, and more.  Payentry GetHired provides hiring & onboarding tools that help you stay above the fray and focus on finding the right talent for your business.


  • Easily post jobs to multiple job boards
  • Use a searchable resume database to find and manage applicants
  • Automatically schedule interviews with candidates
  • Complete onboarding documentation in a paperless environment, fully integrated with your payroll system
  • Seamlessly move new hires into your system as employees

Here are a few videos to help you better understand how Payentry GetHired works.

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