Successful Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring is a good thing, as it means you are growing, but managing the process can become a significant amount of work. Also, mistakes can lead to increased costs and further complexities. Fully integrated with Background Check, E-Verify, and WOTC Tax Credit Screening features, Payentry’s Hiring & Onboarding tools let you stay above the fray and focus on finding the right talent for the success of your business.


  • Easily post jobs to multiple locations
  • Use searchable resume database to manage applicants
  • Automatically schedule interviews with candidates
  • Seamlessly move new hires into your system as employees
  • Reduce time to hire by up to 90%

Navigating The HR Maze

Human resources standards and regulations are updated too frequently for a small to mid-sized business to keep up. Do you get frustrated trying to keep tabs on how changes in the law affect your business? Do you need support dealing with the unavoidable issues that arise with employees? HR Answers is one of the most powerful components of the Payentry solution, providing you with invaluable HR insight. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.


  • Timely notifications on law updates
  • Customizable employee handbooks
  • Pre-written job descriptions
  • New hire documents
  • Live HR support (optional)
  • Wealth of educational content

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