FileGuardian Secure Send

Save both time and the environment with FileGuardian Secure Send by eliminating the administration and delivery of paper pay stubs to employees.  It’s time to go paperless with FileGuardian Secure Send.  Each employee receives a password protected pay stub directly to their inbox or smartphone on payday.  They may also log into their dedicated FileGuardian account to view/retrieve pay stubs, or personal earning statements.

Another convenient paperless solution we provide is payroll cards, click here to learn more.

Employer Value of Paperless Solutions

This service also includes e-delivery of your company’s payroll reports. Designate a single or multiple admin contacts to receive payroll reports. You can even designate specific reports to split out automatically and be delivered to specific business partners, executive team members, or your CPA/bookkeeper after each payroll.

Getting Started with FileGuardian Secure Send

All we need is a list of employee e-mail addresses to begin setup.  In addition, we will provide all the necessary materials to successfully roll this new feature out to your team. If you wish, we will gladly host a quick 10-minute webinar to help your employees get started.

Contact your payroll specialist or one of our sales representatives to get started today!


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