Employee Timeclocks

Multiple plug-and-play options will have you up and running in minutes, with simple processes that are easy for everyone using the system.  The latest in cloud-based punch and time card services support intelligent clock features and a wide range of clocks. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests, and accruals, while seamlessly integrating with your payroll platform.


Intelligent, interactive employee timeclocks powered by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service Timeworksplus.  Touch-screen hardware with fingerprint reader, wifi and offline mode. Software enables “employee state awareness” to support interactive input, eliminating missed and unmatched punches plus provides detailed punch information for job tracking and time card detail.

mobile employee timeclocksTimeWorksMobile

Timeclock, PTO requests and timecard review—anywhere!  TimeWorksMobile is available as both iOS and Android apps with features for supervisors and employees. Punch in/out and include GPS locations; view schedules and timecards; and, submit/approve time off requests.

Hardware – Employee Timeclocks

Swipeclock hardware optionsTraditional hardware clocks meet the requirements for any facility or operation.  SwipeClock offers a variety of practical and innovative timekeeping solutions from swipe cards and proximity fobs to fingerprint and hand scanning biometrics.  For every work environment there are a unique set of needs.  We’ll find the solutions that are perfect for your business.


TimeWorksTuff hard case employee time clockBuilt for hard work! Interactive touchscreen clock with a fingerprint reader in a heavy-duty case.  TimeWorksTUFF includes all the features of TimeWorksTouch in an industrial-style case geared for sites that are not your typical clean and protected offices. Get the same great punch features backed by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service but in a dust/shock/water-resistant shell.  TimeWorksTUFF is perfect for trades and industries where environmental conditions aren’t ideal. Connect via Wi-Fi or hotspot.


It's time to get serious about your employee timeclocks.