Fast & Secure Payroll Processing

How it Works

Every pay period (frequency is up to you – weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly), you contact us by telephone, fax, email, or our 24/7 online payroll portal – whichever contact method is easiest for you.

You will have a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) assigned to your account. No more being bounced around to a different person each time you call. You’ll communicate with the same person every pay period.

Report the hours worked by employees, and any changes to the payroll (such as deductions, pay increases or new hires). We can also set you up with a time management system that integrates with our software and will save you a lot of time!

We do the rest – calculate wages, salaries, state and federal taxes, FICA and pension contributions, and any other deductions you require.  We offer direct deposit, pay cards, and printed paychecks. Employees receive a detailed pay voucher (on a printed earning statement or paperless payroll through secure digital delivery), and you receive a detailed report of transactions every pay period.

Payroll Management Offers
Each Payroll
  • Payroll Checks
  • Employee Earnings Statements
  • Payroll Journal
  • Departmental Cost Summary
  • Payroll Tax Summary
  • 941 Federal Tax Return
  • State Unemployment Tax Return
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Deposit
  • Local Tax Returns (as required)
  • Month-End Departmental Summary
  • Payroll Tax Summary
  • W-2’s for all Employees
  • W-3’s Federal Withholding Recap
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Tax Return State/Local Withholding Recap
  • 943 for Agricultural Clients

Other Payroll Processing Conveniences for Business Management

Our payroll register details the check number issued and the employee’s wages, taxes, deductions, net pay, and direct deposit. The Journal also provides company totals of wages, deductions, and net pay, as well as employer’s taxable wages and liabilities for FICA, FUTA, and SUI.

Additionally, with each payroll,  you receive a payroll tax summary that details, by pay period, any and all wages, employee taxes, employer liabilities and deposits, along with a department summary, which provides a breakdown of payroll costs by each department for the current pay period.

 Sample Payroll Reports

To help you better understand the types of supporting documents that accompany payroll processing services with Payroll Management, we offer the following files as samples of reports included in a payroll processing engagement.

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