Employee Timeclocks and Employee Time Management

With multiple options for employee time management, we’ve got you covered when it comes to employee punches, mobile timeclocks, integration with your payroll system and more.

With the Payentry fully integrated time management portal, manage timecard approvals, time entries, assigned schedules, approve requests for time-off, track different categories of time-off, see historical data for an employee, view detailed, customizable reports with real-time attendance data, and more.  Add timeclock data is seamlessly integrated with your Payentry payroll platform.

With SwipeClock, we offer solutions for recording and managing employee time clocks that will decrease your worry and stress. Multiple plug-and-play options will have you up and running in minutes, with simple processes that will be easy for everyone using the system.  The latest in cloud-based punch and time card services support intelligent clock features and a wide range of clocks. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests, and accruals. Seamlessly integrates with your payroll platform.

Ready to take save time and money by automating time & attendance with your payroll?

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